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    The right production process for superior part performance

TriTech Titanium Parts focuses on improving the design, performance, and reliability of customer components through its unique array of titanium part manufacturing technologies.

3 Technology Set

Unique Three-Technology Set Matches Optimal Manufacturing Process to Each Custom Part

Different production technologies deliver different results. One size does not fit all. TriTech Titanium has assembled a one-stop production resource offering industries – from automotive and industrial to aerospace and medical and more – the best manufacturing options for their product parts and components.

TriTech Titanium is the only U.S. company to offer three production technology options under one roof to deliver net shape titanium precision parts for small batch to high volume.

3D Binder Jet Printing

3D metal printing

TriTech is the first with a production scale printer for printed titanium parts. 3D binder jet printing, or additive manufacturing, is the fastest method of printing a part, enabling rapid prototyping, testing and production. TriTech can produce very complex geometries with this method.

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Metal Injection Molding

Metal injection molding

Very few companies offer titanium MIM parts. TriTech has developed its unique MIM technology through years of dedicated process research and improvements. Our titanium MIM facility is oriented toward small parts ranging from .5 grams up to 200 grams.

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Investment Casting

Investment casting

TriTech's investment casting process, also known as lost wax investment casting, produces high quality net shape titanium parts. Lost wax investment casting involves injecting a wax into a die that is the shape of your part. The wax pattern is then used for casting the titanium metal. Investment casting is highly effective for commercial and industrial applications.

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Made in America

North American Supply Chain

At TriTech, all net shape titanium parts are made in Detroit, using a highly reliable, fully domestic supply chain. We source quality materials throughout the U.S. and Canada, which means that our manufacturing processes (and your order) are not subject to supply chain uncertainty.

A benefit of our domestic supply chain is that TriTech can go from design concept to rapid prototyping to production quickly to meet customers’ tight time frames or first-to-market launches.

Our Company

Service Excellence and Happy Customers

At TriTech, we work closely with our customers and are highly responsive to their needs. We like to get involved in the design phase, so we can help tailor design specifications for part performance and manufacturability.

For example, if a customer requests a highly complex part that may result in a high scrap rate of 15 to 20%, we work with them to customize the design to meet their performance requirements, with a 5% scrap rate target.

Identifying performance improvements during product development, designing for manufacturability, managing the supply chain, and post-delivery follow-up characterize the close service relationship with customers. We’re on call 24/7 for our customers. Always.

Happy Customers
Happy Customers
Three Technology Set

TriTech Titanium Parts’ Unique Three-Technology Set Matches Optimal Manufacturing Process to Each Custom Part

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TriTech Applications



Military and commercial aircraft, and space craft, soar with TriTech’s lightweight parts.

TriTech Titanium Parts Automotive


TriTech’s lightweight parts reduce fuel use and inertia for moving parts while maintaining performance.

TriTech Titanium Parts Firearms


Stronger, lightweight and made in the USA: TriTech powers firearms.

Hand Tools

Hand Tools

TriTech makes lightweight professional hand tools with added strength and corrosion-resistance.

TriTech Titanium Parts Jewelry

Jewelry & Watches

Jewelers design captivating pieces with TriTech’s custom, biocompatible, cost-effective small-volume parts.

TriTech Titanium Parts Marine


Salt-water drilling rigs and marine vessel parts gain strength with TriTech’s corrosion-resistant parts.

TriTech Titanium Parts Medical Devices

Medical Devices

TriTech’s lightweight, complex shapes are an excellent fit for medical devices.

TriTech Titanium Parts Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

TriTech’s lightweight, corrosion-resistant parts defy harsh conditions of petroleum drilling.

TriTech Titanium Parts Sporting Goods

Sporting Goods

From bicycles to golf clubs to sports gear, TriTech is a game-changer.


Desktop Metal and TriTech Titanium Parts Qualify Titanium Alloy Ti64 for Binder Jet 3D Printing on the Production System™

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