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The TriTech Difference

TriTech Titanium Parts Titanium Bike Chain

With three technologies, TriTech optimizes custom-made titanium parts, delivering enhanced performance for commercial and industrial products.



Military and commercial aircraft, and space craft, soar with TriTech’s lightweight parts.

TriTech Titanium Parts Automotive


TriTech’s lightweight parts reduce fuel use and inertia for moving parts while maintaining performance.

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TriTech Titanium Parts Firearms


Stronger, lightweight and made in the USA: TriTech powers firearms.

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Hand Tools

Hand Tools

TriTech makes lightweight professional hand tools with added strength and corrosion-resistance.

Hand Tools

Jewelry & Watches

Jewelers design captivating pieces with TriTech’s custom, biocompatible, cost-effective small-volume parts.

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TriTech Titanium Parts Marine


Salt-water drilling rigs and marine vessel parts gain strength with TriTech’s corrosion-resistant parts.

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TriTech Titanium Parts Medical Devices

Medical Devices

TriTech’s lightweight, complex shapes are an excellent fit for medical devices.

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oil and gas

Oil & Gas

TriTech’s lightweight, corrosion-resistant parts defy harsh conditions of petroleum drilling.

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TriTech Titanium Parts Sporting Goods

Sporting Goods

From bicycles to golf clubs to sports gear, TriTech is a game-changer.

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