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Happy Customers

happy customers

Everyone at TriTech is focused on several key objectives. Safety and quality, which lead to efficient production. Consistent production of high-quality products, which leads to very satisfied customers. The target at TriTech is to earn your award for the “supplier of the year”.

TriTech is committed to meeting the requirements of its customers. On-time delivery, competitive pricing, and consistent product. TriTech will also be responsive to all your needs.

TriTech has an efficient ERP program which is used to track inputs and outputs for the entire company. It is the basis for tracking, traceability, process control, data collection, inventory, costing and more. This helps TriTech run the facility and helps schedule the processes for all three manufacturing product lines. It is a powerful tool that can forecast bottlenecks and help the company manage the process rather than the process managing the company. This approach results in efficient production and timely delivery to the customers.