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Variation is the Enemy. TriTech strictly monitors every step in the manufacturing process to eliminate variation. This enables TriTech to produce parts with incredible consistency, which empowers the customer to use the part with high confidence.

TriTech has evaluated processes to determine the best, most efficient flow of work. We believe that the best processes start with safe work practices that will yield the most efficient process and highest quality products.

TriTech has initiated a comprehensive training and LEARNING program that is directed by Safety and Quality, as well as Equipment Operation. These responsibilities are closely related, and all employees are required to have a strong understanding of the processes, operation of equipment and product requirements. Our start-up sheets, work instructions, continuous training and procedures are all contributors to the overall knowledge of the operations.

TriTech also has a strong emphasis on the disciplines of organization and cleanliness. This leads to efficient operations, as well as an improved work environment for all employees. Our 5S program focuses on five crucial tenets: Sort, Straighten, Sweep, Standardize and Sustain. These practices are essential for efficient and safe manufacturing.