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Safety & Quality

Safety at TriTech Titanium Parts is a daily objective. The company wants its employees to work in a safe environment and encourages a safety-conscious attitude. This allows TriTech to keep its employees safe with their families and on-the-job to serve its customers. The company has routine efforts in evaluating job tasks and use of equipment.

Quality will always be the foundation of the products produced by TriTech, and we are firmly committed to the value in the ISO registration and auditing process. TriTech has been operating as an ISO 9001 company since its first operations started in 2017, as part of its former parent company. Our employees are involved in the quality programs to make sure every step in the production process is meeting the requirements of each customers’ product. TriTech has completed the ISO 9001:2015 re-registration audit and was recertified in November 2022. The next step for quality is to be certified to ISO 13845 for medical devices by the end of 2023.

TriTech’s Quality Policy is an important statement that demonstrates our commitment to perfection for its production lines.

Our Quality Process – From Raw Material to Final Product Inspection

TriTech is always focused on producing consistent quality products for its customers. This process starts at the beginning, where raw materials are chosen carefully, and the first processes are monitored to make sure every step has been performed to exceed customer requirements. At every step from management to operation, our work force takes care to do work diligently and take pride in their work. If variation is observed, the process is stopped and corrected. This approach allows TriTech to achieve the most consistent quality and the highest yields throughout the production process.

TriTech performs a final inspection for all products. This can include visual checks and specific measurements. The consistency of the product is monitored with data analysis. TriTech is always watching to make sure the product meets the customer requirements. We ensure the only trend is a straight line, indicating 100% consistency.

Commitment to Safety and Quality

TriTech has a solid commitment to Safety and Quality. At the beginning of every shift and every process, the operator is refreshed on best practices and important process variables. Each week, the company management and the production team meet to discuss events and opportunities to improve. If there has been an event, the team digs deep to determine the root cause and the necessary corrective actions. Also, the team is looking for opportunities to improve processes for safety of people and equipment and the quality of the product.