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Testing Titanium Turnings

TriTech Titanium Parts Testing

TriTech Titanium Parts purchases titanium turnings from machine shops and consolidators and uses them to produce ferrotitanium (FeTi).

Because these turnings are a product of machining operations they are contaminated with oil and moisture. TriTech Titanium Parts has developed an extensive settlement process for determining the oil, moisture, and magnetic content of titanium turnings.

The first step in the settlement process is to take a representative sample of the lot of turnings received. This is accomplished in one of two ways.

1. Shipments in boxes or bales

For shipments that arrive in boxes or bales, holes are cut in the packages approximately one-third of the way up from the bottom of the package and samples are extracted from that location. For a boxed or baled shipment, samples are taken from a minimum of half the packages.

2. Shipments loose in a dumptruck

For shipments that arrive loose in a dumptruck, samples are taken from various locations around the pile of turnings. The samples are gathered at one to two feet above ground level.


In both cases, samples are taken either during or immediately following unloading. This guarantees that samples are representative of the condition of the turnings upon receipt.

Once the sample has been gathered, it is taken to the laboratory. In the laboratory, the sample is weighed to obtain the wet weight of the turnings. The turnings are then washed for approximately 30 minutes in one of two Branson ultrasonic cleaners to remove any oils and dirt.