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Three Technologies to Deliver the Right Process for The Right Part
3D Binder Jet Printing | Investment Casting | Metal Injection Molding

3D Printing

TriTech is the first with a production scale printer for printed titanium parts. 3D binder jet printing, or additive manufacturing, is the fastest method of printing a part, enabling rapid prototyping, testing and production. TriTech can produce very complex geometries with this method.

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Investment Casting

TriTech’s investment casting process, also known as lost wax investment casting, produces high quality net shape titanium parts. Lost wax investment casting involves injecting a wax into a die that is the shape of your part. The wax pattern is then used for casting the titanium metal. Investment casting is highly effective for commercial and industrial applications.

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Metal Injection Molding

Very few companies offer titanium MIM parts. TriTech has developed its unique MIM technology through years of dedicated process research and improvements. Our titanium MIM facility is oriented toward small parts ranging from .5 grams up to 200 grams.

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