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Firearms Applications

TriTech Titanium Parts Firearms

Titanium metal injection molding and titanium investment casting provide the next step forward in the firearms industry. Titanium’s corrosion proof properties as well as its nearly unparalleled strength to weight ratio make it an excellent material choice for any of a number of firearm components.

These properties make titanium desirable for frames and handguards, lower and upper receivers, and smaller components such as triggers, hammers, mag-well flares, safeties, and slide releases.

Any part of a firearm that is exposed to the elements or takes a lot of abuse can be made lighter than steel and stronger than aluminum with the added benefit of surviving harsh outdoor conditions unscathed by the elements.

Titanium’s light weight and strength also mean it is an ideal material for use on sight and scope mounts as well as components attached near the end of the barrel such as bipods, bipod and light mounts, flash hiders, compensators, muzzle brakes, and suppressors.  The benefits in this area are significant improvements in ergonomics and accuracy.

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