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3D Printed Titanium Parts - Binder Jetting

Titanium 3D printed parts using binder jetting process

Titanium 3D Printing & Binder Jet Printing (Binder Jetting) of Titanium Parts

3D printing, also called additive manufacturing, is the newest production technology for producing titanium net shape parts. 3D printing technology has been developing for about ten years. It can be used to make very intricate parts, including titanium precision parts, and meet the properties for demanding applications.

TriTech Titanium Parts offers the binder jet printing (or binder jetting) process for printing titanium precision parts. The binder jet process is very efficient and flexible and is the fastest method of printing a part, enabling rapid prototyping, testing and production.

How TriTech 3D Binder Jet Printing Works

  1. Titanium alloy powder is printed with a binder to make the shape of the part. Binder jet printing builds a part layer by layer with an organic binder to hold the “green” structure together.
  2. Then the part is sintered in vacuum to about 98% density. It is a net shape part depending on the application.
  3. In some cases, there is subsequent machining or surface finishing. TriTech has specialized knowledge of sintering titanium and 3D binder jet printing, including sintering very small titanium powders.

3D Binder Jet Printing for Quick Prototyping & Production

With your model file, TriTech can build a titanium part or a prototype part very quickly. The setup time is very short and turnaround time can be weeks rather than months. TriTech can also produce very complex geometries with this method.

The binder jet process is quick, and parts can be produced with a solid model design. There are various design criteria that must be considered when designing a part. These design criteria can be helpful in designing any part produced by a net shape technology.

For the highest quality titanium precision parts, TriTech engineers can get involved early in the design process to help make the part efficient for printing and sintering. Various criteria can help make the part more efficient for production. Getting TriTech involved in the design features can make printing titanium or any printed part more efficient with the best consistency from part to part.

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