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TriTech Titanium Parts LLC was formed in April 2022. It is a spin-off of AmeriTi Manufacturing Company that has operated since 1984. The AmeriTi business grew ten-fold over a 25-year period. AmeriTi’s business was exclusively titanium products, produced mostly from recycled titanium scrap materials, with a dominant market position in all its products. AmeriTi was sold to Kymera International and the spin-off to form TriTech Titanium Parts took place simultaneously. The operations for metal injection molding started in 2017 and the investment casting started in 2019. TriTech’s processes for producing titanium parts are very specialized.  All the process technology was developed internally. The business survived the 2020 pandemic year, keeping all the processes operating and reaching new customers. 2021 and 2022 are equally exciting as the company delivers 3D printing of titanium utilizing the Desktop Metal binder jet printing technology. The business strategy is to produce titanium parts with the most appropriate technology for the part and for the customer.

TriTech will continue to grow through its customer service attitude.  TriTech is delighted to offer manufacturing in the USA from its Detroit, Michigan location.

TriTech Titanium Parts is owned by Robert Swenson, who was also the owner of AmeriTi before its sale to Kymera International. Swenson has been involved in the titanium business for 31 years, and the metals industry for 45 years. Swenson is a graduate of Purdue University with a degree in Metallurgical Engineering and has an MBA from Harvard Business School. The team at TriTech includes other young and aggressive talent to grow the TriTech Titanium Parts business, delivering quality parts and service excellence.