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Titanium Sporting Goods Parts

TriTech Titanium Parts Sporting Goods

Since 1994, titanium has become the material of choice for golf club drivers and fairway woods. Because of the USGA rules for club head weight tolerances, expanding the club face sweet spot could only be achieved with titanium.

Over the years, titanium has allowed golf club volumes to increase from 250 cc to over 400 cc while maintain weight ranges of 220 +/-5 grams. This has greatly improved distance and accuracy for both professional and amateur golfers.

The popularity of titanium for golf has awakened the imagination of a whole host of sporting good designers that need solutions for weight reduction without sacrificing strength. Titanium components can now be found in tennis and lacrosse rackets, camping gear, knives, bicycle frames, arrow heads, carabiners, helmet face guards, fishing tools, baseball bats, boat hardware, motocross foot pegs and auto racing to name a few.

Titanium metal injection molding and titanium investment casting provide cost-effective means for making these small parts.  Traditional methods of manufacturing via machining are simply too costly, leaving valuable titanium on the cutting room floor.  With either investment casting or metal injection molding, parts can be made net, reducing the need for machining and scrap waste.

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