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TriTech Titanium Parts Injection Molding

Titanium MIM for Commercial and Industrial Applications

TriTech is dedicated to producing high quality molded titanium parts with our state-of-the-art metal injection molding (MIM) technology. There are very few companies producing titanium precision parts by metal injection molding. It is a unique process, and TriTech has developed its MIM technology internally through years of dedicated process research and process improvements.

TriTech has extensive process control for its titanium MIM parts. A detailed program for monitoring process and production data is the foundation of the data collection and analysis. The controls are real time and assure that every part is made correctly, and every part is made the same.

TriTech serves the commercial and industrial applications. The titanium MIM facility is oriented toward small parts that range from 2 or 3 grams to as large as 200 grams. The net shape process offers a very short production cycle. The complete cycle for a MIM part is typically three to five days. Injection, debind, sinter, and final inspection. TriTech is getting ready to enter into aerospace and medical device applications.

TriTech is always working to serve its customer with the best quality and price. For castings, creativity is also important in the design of the part and the tooling.

TriTech’s Powder Injection Molding Process

Powder injection molding, also known as metal injection molding, has recently been developed to its full potential. The availability of spherical titanium powder allows the MIM process to achieve very tight tolerances and repeatability in the manufacturing process.

MIM is a process where a titanium metal powder is mixed with an organic binder to make a feedstock that can be injected into a mold representing the shape of the final part. The injected part is next processed to remove the binders and sintered in a vacuum furnace to make a fully dense titanium part.

Titanium MIM/powder injection molding is best suited for complex shapes and/or very small parts that are difficult or impossible to machine using conventional metal cutting methods. The process provides a benefit for cost due to the elimination of scrap from the process.

It is best if TriTech can get involved early in the titanium MIM/powder injection molding design process to help make the part efficient for injecting the part. For certain applications, TriTech will perform a detailed computer modeled flow analysis to make sure the part injects completely to fill the die cavity, making sure there is not any porosity or variation in density throughout the part.


A: For complex parts, TriTech uses detailed computer-modeled flow analysis to make sure the material injects correctly to fill the die cavity with no porosity or variation in density throughout the part. This ensures uniformity of the injected titanium alloy.

A: Titanium parts manufacturers, like TriTech, want to be involved early on in the design process. According to Bob Swenson, president of TriTech Titanium Parts, L.L.C., “Customers come to us with a rough solid model or even just an idea. This is the stage where we collaborate with them to optimize the design for manufacturability, giving customers all the part that they want without any efficiency loss due to non-critical features that can unnecessarily drive-up cost.”

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