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Titanium Binder Jetting success following Tekna and TriTech collaboration


Tekna Holding ASA, Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada, has announced a collaboration with TriTech Titanium Parts LLC, Detroit, Michigan, that has resulted in the successful Binder Jetting of titanium parts using a Desktop Metal P1 Additive Manufacturing machine.

“We are delighted to work with Tekna,” stated Robert Swenson, CEO of TriTech Titanium Parts. “Their plasma atomised titanium powder, known for its exceptional quality, significantly enhances our capabilities in binder jet 3D printing. It enables us to offer our clients the benefits of this groundbreaking technology, reduces manufacturing lead times, and enhances performance in critical applications.”

Tekna supplies TriTech with titanium powder that meets both aerospace AS9100 and medical ISO 13485 standards. Tekna’s titanium powder, designed to achieve exceptional part quality and mechanical properties, is expected to enable TriTech achieve the full potential of Binder Jetting, providing clients with customised, lightweight, and high-strength titanium parts that surpass traditional manufacturing limitations.

“I want to congratulate TriTech and Desktop Metal for their leadership in achieving this historical milestone. By combining our expertise, we aim to accelerate the adoption of binder jet 3D printing and open new design possibilities for titanium components across all industries,” added Luc Dionne, CEO of Tekna.

The Desktop Metal P1 Additive Manufacturing platform, using Tekna’s titanium powder at the TriTech facility, can be seen in this video.